Where to Buy the Pax

There isn’t an overwhelming list of places to buy the Pax. You can’t get it on Amazon (Amazon only sells vape accessories, not vapes themselves). You can buy it from the official Pax website, or from other authorized retailers. Each place is going to carry a slightly different stock (not all colors are available everywhere) so shop around if you have something specific in mind. Each place will also differ in their customer service and return policy. Luckily this doesn’t seem to be a problem, at least with the online retailers we checked. Most customers were really satisfied, both with the product and with the service.

pax 3 with concentrates insert

Price seems pretty standard across online retailers as well, with the Pax 2 around $150 and the Pax 3 around $200 without the concentrate insert and $250 with the insert.

Look out for coupon codes though. I’ve seen some deals out there for 10-15% off, and I’m sure there are others from time to time. Also look out for free shipping. When paying $150+, shipping should definitely be free.

If buying in person is more your style, check out this store locator from the official Pax site. Just put in your zip code and it’ll show you which stores offer which products (the Pax 2, 3, or Era), and how far away it is. If you’re in Colorado, there will be plenty of shops. If you’re in Iowa, you might have to drive an hour or two. Make sure the specific product you want is available at that location. It wouldn’t hurt to call ahead and double check, too.

Important: If you want to have a valid warranty, you need to buy your Pax from either the official Pax website or from an authorized Pax retailer. If you buy it off someone on eBay or Craigslist, even if it’s still within the 2- or 10-year warranty and they tell you it comes with it, Pax will not honor the warranty. The warranty is only valid to the original owner who purchased it from Pax or an authorized retailer.

girls with pax box