What Other People are Saying

The reviews are in and people are loving the Pax. We compiled the most common opinions from vape lovers around the world to give you an overview of the Pax 2 and 3.

High Praise

Scroll through the product reviews on retailer sites or watch a YouTube video demoing the device, and you’ll find high praises across the board. Words like amazing, awesome, easy, pleasant to use, excellent quality, great purchase, lightweight, super efficient, smooth, superb, best, and 10/10, are sprinkled throughout the reviews on retailer sites. As I read through them, I found customers to echo my personal great experience, which is really nice to see.

pax casing

Reliably Built

We’ve found very few complaints with the Pax. The brand seems to make consistent, high-quality products that have few errors or problems. Most people who had to contact customer service did so to ask questions, not to give complaints. How many companies can say that?

Words customers used to describe the quality of the device were: nice and sleek, worth every penny, sturdy, and best on the market.

One user said he liked that it’s made with aluminum and not plastic. This is such a good point because not only does it look and feel higher quality, but some people get freaked out by heated up plastic, and have criticized other vapes for that in the past, so this is just one more reason to trust the quality from Pax.

Customer Service

Since you can buy it from the official Pax website or a few other authorized retailers, the customer service team mentioned in a review could be from any of these places, but luckily users have had good experiences with them all.

A couple people described their experience having a question about how the heat settings worked, and said that customer service easily answered their question.

One user said that customer service sent him a replacement within a week! Other people remarked on the fast shipping time, although again this will vary by where you buy it from and what country you live in.

girl and mom with pax

Session Quality

The most important factor of all is the session quality. How are people liking the overall experience?

Here’s one review I just have to share, from Jeff W.:

“This has completely changed my smoking game up for myself. No longer do I need to worry about the smell if I smoke inside anymore. There is a slight smell left from the vape (maybe like 25% compared to smoking out of a pipe), but it is so much better. Also a huge perk of the PAX3 compared to pipes is how much better it feels on my lungs. I barely ever cough when vaping compared to smoking. Everything about this product is a gigantic upgrade compared to smoking out of a typical pipe.”

Jess B from Canada wrote this:

“Works perfectly and the app works perfect, I couldn’t be happier. Draws great when packed properly, and works just as great as the 1&2, if not better. Easy to clean, easy to charge and the temperature controls make the experience even better then the 2 and help provide and even burn.”

In comparing the 2 to the 3, one user said, “The flavor and ease of use is tremendous compared to the two.

Folks compared it to the Arizer Solo 2 and Yocan vapes, and preferred the Pax.

fits in a bag


Multiple users commented on how little of a smell the Pax produced. This is definitely a big reason vapes, and especially Pax vapes, are making a big impact on the herb world.

Comments on discretion varied from the minimal scent, to its un-obvious exterior design, and its great portability, with one user mentioning the value there because they have young kids.

I appreciated Bob’s comment, “Very stealthy, almost too much.”

Some credited the flat mouthpiece to why it’s hard to tell what the device is. Others liked the fact that it fits so easily in their pocket.

using pax app

The App

I have to admit I was surprised at how many people said they like the app. One girl said her “techie” boyfriend loved it, and others appreciated the amount of control the app offers. To each their own! I’m glad people are digging it.

Any Issues?

One guy said he had trouble connecting to the app on his phone, and had to use his girlfriend’s phone. Customer support wrote back to him saying to make sure he had the latest operating system updates on his phone. They left him a thorough response with other things to try, so hopefully one of those worked for him.

Richard and his wife love the Pax over other vapes, but noted that it gets quite warm to the touch. One customer service team replied suggesting they hold it with their whole hand, to more evenly disperse the heat, and also to hold it away from where the oven is. Holding something hot with your whole hand is counter-intuitive so I appreciated that suggestion and will try it if I feel the Pax getting too hot in the future.

retro girl with pax


You will not regret getting a Pax, plain and simple. Read our Pax 2 vs Pax 3 page to make sure you get the right one for you personally, and you will love it. You might never look back. Who’s to say what will come out in the future, but for now, the Pax is one of the absolute top contenders in the vaping world, and it’s the best bang for your buck in terms of quality, design, portability, and enjoyment. We love ours and can recommend it without hesitation. Some reviewers said they wish they hadn’t waited so long to get one. Take their advice and get yours! It’s seriously a game changer.