Using the Pax

The Pax is one of the easiest vaporizers to use on the market right now. With ergonomic casing and simple controls, you’ll be up and running in no time. As with any vape, it can take a few times to get fully used to it, but once you do, you will love it above all the others.

couple using pax

Here are a couple tips for the best experience:

  • Take gentle, short, cigar-like draws, especially at first. This will get you the most pleasant vapor, and use your herb most efficiently so you don’t waste it.
  • Pack your material in there firmly. The Pax works best when the material is tightly packed in there. You can even overstuff it a little to make sure it gets compressed.
  • Some users prefer the half-oven to most efficiently use their product without waste.
  • Clean your device regularly, every 6-8 sessions or so.
  • Try out the different modes on your device. This will alter the density and flavor of your vapor so you can get your most comfortable session.
  • Take advantage of the temperature customization, especially with the Pax 3. Both devices have a range to choose from, and the 3 offers even more fine tuning.

how to load the pax

One thing to watch out for, is when using the concentrate insert on the Pax 3, it can be a bit messy. This was definitely my experience so I want to make sure to let you know, in case it will be a deal breaker for you. I found the cartridge to be finicky and a bit sloppy, which bothered me for a few reasons. One, it was a hassle. Where there’s mess, there’s cleaning. I like my sessions to be as chill as possible, and that usually means not jumping up to get paper towels. Second, a mess wastes product! What I love so much about the Pax is its efficiency, but this goes out the window when I’m spilling. Some users had no problem with this at all, and if you’re patient, maybe you won’t either. But for me, it was a red flag.

That said, my experience with dry herb was fantastic. Clean, smooth, and amazing flavor. Both the Pax 2 and 3 excel at this. You will have an excellent experience here. And with customizations in temperature and flavor, you’ll find your perfect session.

friends with pax

A great feature of both the Pax 2 and 3 is how quickly it heats up. The Pax 3 is faster, at an amazing 20 seconds. The Pax 2 can take 30 to even 60 seconds, which still isn’t a bad wait time. They both start to cool down after awhile of inactivity, and after a few minutes shut off entirely. This comes in handy if you get distracted and forget to turn it off, or if you just get up for a few minutes and don’t want your herb wasted while you’re out of the room.

It’s easy to heat it back up though, because if it hasn’t shut off yet, simply picking it back up will start it heating up again. It’s very user friendly with minimal effort on your part.

different mouthpieces

You’ve got a couple mouthpiece options, which doesn’t make a huge difference aside from comfort and preference. I’ve tried both and enjoyed both. They are super fast and easy to switch out, which is great if you’re sharing your session with someone else and they like the other kind. They pop on and off magnetically, so they hold on tight but are easy to remove, too. Another well thought out design element from Pax.

Loading the Pax could not be simpler. Just remove the oven lid, pack in your material, and put the lid back on. Clean, tidy, and easily no mess if you’re careful.

Cleaning is simple, too.