Pax 3 Review

Your Favorite Vape, Elevated

Pax quickly made itself known as a leading high-end brand for vaporizers, and they knew they needed to make a big impact if they were going to top their popular Pax 2. The Pax 3 has some pretty sweet improvements, and a few additions we’ll get more into. First, let’s talk specs:

What You Get:

You get all the same pieces as the Pax 2, PLUS the optional concentrates insert. You also get extra screens, 2 oven lid styles, and “Multi-Tool” (used to pack and remove your material). And, instead of the basic 2 year warranty that comes with the Pax 2, you get that 10 year warranty, no extra charge.

what you get

The Device

The device itself looks very, very much like the Pax 2. They didn’t change the exterior design (why mess with something perfect?) but the 3 does come in different colors and a different finish than the 2. The Pax 3 is currently available in Black, Silver, Rose Gold, and Teal, all in a matte finish. Now they call it matte but it does have a bit of shine to it. It’s beautiful and simple and everything we want in a little tech gadget that makes our day better.

load the pax with concentrates

Concentrate On This

As much as we loved the Pax 2, we were anxiously waiting for Pax to come out with a vape for concentrates. Thankfully, they did!

The Pax 3 device itself functions just like the Pax 2, BUT it’s compatible with an attachment piece for concentrates. The attachment costs an additional $50 (and the Pax 3 itself already costs $50 more than the Pax 2). Now there’s no reason to buy the Pax 3 without also buying the attachment that makes the Pax 3 worth the upgrade, so basically you’ll either pay $150 for the Pax 2, or $250 for the Pax 3 — there is no in between.

That said, is it worth the extra $100 to get the upgrade?

Personally, I found the concentrate attachment to be a bit messy. Not a total deal breaker, but definitely a hassle I’d rather not deal with. I don’t like to waste my supply and little spills and drips add up. The attachment is also a little finicky, so it takes some strong focus and patience to be successful and mess-free. Some users will have no problem with this, and the concentrates attachment will be the perfect addition to their favorite dry herb vape. You’ll literally have the best of both worlds and the angels will sing.

For others, like me, you’ll feel frustrated that this isn’t just easier, when other oil-compatible vapes work much more smoothly. You’ll still get a great session out of it either way, just with a little added finagling and effort.

mobile phone app

High Tech

In addition to adding a piece for vape oils, Pax also upgraded their game to make the Pax 3 run on an app. What was simply a button on the Pax 2 has developed into a whole app, complete with added features and additional customization options.

The app is well built, easy to use, and fast. It’s simple, to the point, and meshes perfectly with the minimalist design of the device itself. Whereas the Pax 2 had only four temperature settings, the pax 3 can be adjusted to the degree, within the same range. So, 380 not your style but 400 just too hot? With the Pax 3 you now have 19 other choices in between so you can find your perfect session.

But what you should really consider is whether or not you want an app to be involved in your session at all. Since the Pax 3 runs on an app, this had better be something you like about it if the 3 is the model you choose! I loved the simplicity of the Pax 2 for the very reason that it was not tied to an app. The app just feels like an extra step thrown in to show how cool and current it is. But once the cool factor gets old, will the app be an ease or an inconvenience?

One thing I only recently realized about the app is that there’s a lock feature, so you can lock your device to deter unwanted use. This is great for those with curious kiddos around (or roommates who like to bum your stash!)

5 Temperature Settings… or 1?

There are five temp settings on the Pax 3 (360, 380, 400, 420, and then whatever you custom set it to). But some users have found that with the Pax 3, once you customize your temperature setting, it gets stuck, and you can’t go back to the presets. You’re left with sort of an either-or scenario. Do you want the four presets, also available on the Pax 2, or your one custom setting? Isn’t the point of having more options, to have more options?

pax 3 vapor cloud

The Experience

The Pax 3 doesn’t disappoint when it comes to having great sessions. You can count on this device to give you consistent vapor, that’s tasty and smooth. The vapor is delicate and really pleasant. Those who prefer a denser vapor will enjoy experimenting with the many different modes the Pax 3 has. As with any device, you’ll know it’s due for a cleaning when the experience becomes a bit rougher, but when the device is well maintained you will love your sessions. Like the Pax 2, it’s recommended for the Pax 3 that you take short, cigar-like draws for an optimal experience and most efficient use of your material.


Okay the Pax 3 has games. Games! They are super primitive games, but. Games!

Some versions of the Pax 2 also had games you could discover and unlock, but the Pax 3 just gives them to you.

Who remembers the game Simon? Not the Simon Says you played with classmates but the electronic one that came out in 1978. Well the Pax 3 has it.

A game that was actually a really clever one to add is PAXspin. Basically it’s Pax’s take on Spin the Bottle, where you lay the Pax on the table, while you and some pals gather around it. Pax will “choose” a person by lighting up one of it’s lights and whoever it points to, takes a hit.

They’ve also included a Pac-Man type game, which I have yet to try but it’s pretty impressive they did it using only four petal lights. I’ll report back on whether it’s worth it once I get around to that one.

But once we get past the novelty of having a vape with games, let’s state the obvious here: since it runs on a smartphone app, you will always have your smartphone with you when you carry it, and your smartphone has way better games. So why would you ever sit there at the DMV playing Simon Says on your vape when you could do infinitely more and better things on your phone like a normal person?

artist series

Upgrades and Special Features

The Pax 3 heats up in an amazing 22 seconds. You get a good 8-10 sessions per charge, and the charge time is 25% faster than the previous model. It’s Bluetooth-enabled, comes with 3 screens and a half-pack oven lid, and has that fancy app. It offers a few new modes, my favorite of which is called Stealth. As its name implies, this is an extra discreet mode at a low temperature. Thank you for understanding me, Pax. Some other modes are for efficiency and flavor, and you will have fun trying them all out. The Pax 3 has come out in a few limited edition colors and styles, including an Artist Series. Overall, if you loved the Pax 2 but wished it had some additional features, your wish has been granted.

Get your PAX 3 VAPORIZER for just $249.99