Cleaning the Pax

How to Clean Your Pax

Cleaning your Pax could not be easier. Use the maintenance kit that came with your Pax 2, or, almost just as easy, pick up some 100% isopropyl (rubbing) alcohol from the drug store or supermarket, as well as some pipe cleaners. Bam.

cleaning kit

So Easy

Remove the mouthpiece and the oven lid. Take a pipe cleaner and dip it into the rubbing alcohol. You can dip it straight into the rubbing alcohol bottle. Then simple stick the pipe cleaner into your Pax and floss it back and forth to clean the vapor pathway.

pipe cleaner in alcohol

There are multiple parts to clean, but all are cleaned in a similar way. When cleaning the vapor pathway with the pipe cleaner, push it far enough in so that it pops out the “internal oven screen” (which looks like a flat piece of silver metal) out the other side.

Clean the screen by dropping it into some rubbing alcohol (at this point it’s easier if the alcohol is in a little cup). Let it soak in there while you clean the rest of your Pax.

q-tip to clean

Dip a q-tip in the alcohol and use it to clean the mouthpiece and oven lid. Definitely do not submerge the oven lid in alcohol — all they need is a little wiping with a q-tip. You can also use the q-tip to clean the inside of the device’s oven before putting the oven screen back in.

Carefully drop the oven screen back in, and use a q-tip to apply a bit of pressure to make sure it’s in all the way. Make sure everything is completely dry before putting the oven lid and mouthpiece back in.

That’s it! Clean your Pax after every couple of uses to keep it functioning well and to get the best sessions of out it.