The “Ultimate Vaporizer”

There are some tried and true vaporizers out there, which you’d feel a pang of infidelity towards if you considered a newer model. But with new vapes coming onto the market all the time, it’s worth having a wandering eye — some of them are definitely worth the hype.

This brings us to the Pax: a relatively new vape coming out of San Francisco. Its sleek design is enough to make you reach for your credit card, but there’s more to focus on than just looks. We’ve tried and tested our Pax products to give you all the info you need about its functionality, lifespan, reliability, ease of use, and of course, vapor quality. And we compiled all our findings into one jam-packed resource website.

buttonless design

The official Pax website lists “The Pax Promise”, which boasts some impressive claims, including:

  • “The Ultimate Vaporizer”
  • “Satisfying hits. Every time”
  • “Impeccable Design”

We can already confirm that the design is impeccable. This vape is sleek, and we mean from-the-future sleek. Made with scratch-resistant aluminum, the Pax is minimalism as it’s finest. Its buttonless casing makes it inviting to touch, yet even while holding it, those unfamiliar to vaping might never guess what it’s used for. If discretion is your thing, this is the right device.

But what about those other claims? Could this really be the “ultimate vaporizer”? We’ve got the answers and we’ve put them all right here.

We’ve done the digging for you.

With in-depth reviews of the Pax 2 and Pax 3, as well as a comparison between the two, this one-stop resource will tell you everything you need to know.

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